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Press Release: Real-Time Payments


For Immediate Release

Cheyenne, Wyoming – Send is excited to announce the successful registration of our new trademark, “REAL TIME PAYMENTS”. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has officially assigned Serial Number #98341887 to the REAL TIME PAYMENTS trademark application, marking a significant milestone in the protection of the Send brand.

A Trademark Serial Number is a distinctive identifier used by the USPTO to track and manage trademark applications, and it serves as a crucial element in safeguarding the brand identity of Send.

REAL TIME PAYMENTS has been filed in multiple categories, including Computer & Software Services & Scientific Services, Insurance & Financial Services, Computer Product, Electrical & Scientific Products.

Real-time payments refers to a financial transaction system and technology that enables immediate or near-instantaneous fund transfers between individuals, businesses, or financial institutions. These systems offer the remarkable advantage of executing transactions within seconds, eliminating the delays associated with traditional payment methods. Available 24/7, including holidays, they provide users with unprecedented convenience and efficiency, reducing the reliance on physical checks and cash while streamlining administrative processes. Real-time payments have diverse applications, serving purposes like person-to-person transfers, bill payments, payroll processing, and business-to-business transactions.

Real-time payment systems have gained worldwide popularity, offering faster and more convenient payment options, improving cash flow, and enhancing overall financial efficiency, with various countries implementing their own systems to meet the evolving demands of businesses and consumers.

Send is dedicated to positioning itself at the forefront of the rapidly evolving real-time payment space. With a commitment to innovation and a deep understanding of the evolving needs of our customers, we are actively working to help lead the way in this dynamic landscape. By harnessing cutting-edge technology and leveraging our expertise, we aim to provide seamless and secure real-time payment solutions that empower individuals, businesses, and financial institutions